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Why Choose Us?

What’s special about birthdays of your loved ones? In fact, what’s special about your birthday? It’s like all other days of your life. Then why to make it special? If you want to make it remarkable, then give us an opportunity to make it extra special for you as well as for your loved ones. Our services are available in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon and Faridabad. Since we have initiated, organised all kinds of parties and events, from corporate to private. Our 4 years’ experience made us efficient in all the nooks and corners of event management. The purpose of ‘Birthday organizer’ is to make your day worth remembering. We do not focus on riches but more on client servicing.


Memorable events and parties don’t just happen, we make it successful by providing very affordable and modest prices. We have different packages according to your needs, from small packages to big plus large packages. Packages are as follows:
Small Package:  Rs. 9,999/-, Medium Package: Rs. 24,999/-, Large Package: Rs. 49,999/-
The prices are fixed and non-negotiable. We do understand that nobody enjoys negotiation. You can tailor any package by including or excluding items as per your requirement and we will increase or decrease the price according to it.

Small Package
Rs:- 9,999

Small Package, Birthday organizer provides you certain birthday party packages. Birthday

Medium Package
Rs:- 24,999

Medium Package, Birthday organizer balloon decoration for birthday provides you certain bir…

Large Package
Rs:- 49,999

Large Package, Birthday organizer provides you certain birthday party packages. Birthday…

Rock the Party!

Our services, our creativity and our vision are to provide quality service across Delhi NCR. We are focused more towards, building healthy relation with the client. Everybody wants to make his/her birthday full of fun and entertainment and you get so many calls and people in queue to wish you on your day. You are busy not less than a prime minister, from invitation to decoration, stuck in all your stuff. ‘Birthdayorganizer’ is the one stop shop for all your preparations. Just focus on your wishes and let us handle all your preparations.


Are You Ready For Your Birthday Party and Event Programs ?

So, are you ready, to organize a birthday bash for your near and dear ones? Our team will go through each and every obstacle to make your day worth remembering, that you will cherish all your life. ‘Birthdayorganizer’ offers you very affordable prices and believes in making your event talk of the town. We believe your little ones deserve the very best. That’s why the supplies and other materials are personally checked and picked by our family for your family. You are already very late to contact us, don’t miss the boat again.

Our Theme For Parties & Entertainment

Don’t just spring for the same old balloons and birthday cake to celebrate your minor this year. Instead, get creative with our guide to the most popular party ideas. From a birthday bash featuring favourites like Chota Bheema theme to a hands-on experience with Jungle galore, these hip plans are sure to make those mini-milestones ones you’ll never forget! Theme parties create indelible memories. Make sure your themed event or birthday party is a lit with decorations and theme party supplies from Celebrations. Our party hats, filled bags of flavours and goodies, blow-up decorations and confetti in unique designs create just the atmosphere you want for your theme party or event. Party like a rock star with an attitude like a boss, temporary tattoos, jewellery that lights up or glows in the dark and Bollywood to Hollywood theme party decorations. Roll out the red carpet for your little star or throw a grand party for friends. Either way, we have the movie theme party also, that will help you throw a legendary party. Adults love to party, so have a Summer or Night Party themes that will make your day. Or, invite the neighbourhood to your Cocktail Party. We have all the affordable tableware you’ll need to match the wonderful themes for parties. Celebrate foreigners-style by holding a party with a western theme. We have everything that is required to be like a firangi and props you’ll need to bring your ranch to life, including cowboy hats, bandanas etc. Bring out your inner buccaneer with pirate coins, treasure chests and other jungle safari supplies. We have theme party decorations, perfect for boys, girls and adults. So, whatever your choice of themes, you’ll create a splash with party items from Celebrations.

Likewise, when it comes to adult gatherings, whether it’s a birthday bash, a farewell soirée, a bachelorette party, or a simple get-together among friends, every aspect of the arrangement should reflect a distinctly mature and enjoyable atmosphere. From the entertainment choices and delectable cuisine to the venue selection and top-notch service,

Planning a theme-based birthday party can be confusing many a times, owing to the number of ideas to choose from. Your baby girl is very special to you, and so is her birthday; so why not organize a party for her that she’ll remember all her life?Organizing a party for a girl should be a joy. Everything is so beautiful for the little ones and so stylish and fun for older girls.


Our Games And Activity

Your champ’s birthday – this is one time of the year where everything has to go perfect. Apart from the gifts, the catering and the sheer logistics, the games that are played form an important part in the direction in which the party is headed. A bad sequence of games can make all your efforts go to waste. A good game plan and selection, can make a hastily planned party, a smashing success. If you are lost on how to go about entertaining the little ones for long, always turn to little games that give them a good dose of entertainment along with their peers. Here are some interesting and fun filled birthday party games for children that can keep an army of little ones engaged.
When selecting birthday party games, you’ll need to differentiate each one to the age group of the children attending. We’ve included games and activity that are appropriate with variations for older or younger children. Forget pin the tail on the donkey, choose some riding, art and craft, tattoo making to have some real birthday fun!


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